Funny, when I think of the saying, “Life is a Rollercoaster”, all I think of is our life since my husband’s colon cancer diagnosis at the young age of 43.  I still feel sick when I think about the day we found out Jeff had cancer, – it was the Friday of Easter weekend and we felt like we had been hit by a truck. 

Picking up our children from school and sitting them down and telling them was one of the hardest things we have ever done.   One day you can be living a blissful, normal and happy life with your family and the next, everything completely changes.  That day was the start of our Rollercoaster ride, one we are still on five and half years later.  My husband has now had countless rounds of Chemotherapy as well as a very rare and extreme surgery called HIPEC.

Although I didn’t find CCRAN at the beginning of our ride, I did eventually find them and specifically Filomena Servidio-Italiano.  They have played a huge part in my husband’s care ever since.  Not just my husband, but to patients all across Canada.   If I have a question about a new drug/clinical trial or treatment option, CCRAN is always available to go through it with me.  This has saved me countless hours in research. When I find information on a possible treatment, I have a knowledgeable/reliable source to call. 

I can’t tell you how much this organization, and its constant support has meant to me.  My hope is that anyone diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer in Canada finds out about this wonderful organization from the onset.  Life on a Rollercoaster is somehow more manageable when you aren’t alone.