Joyce Singer-D'Aprile

Cancer is a nightmare-adventure. I fought and won mine, while my husband Vincent is currently battling his. We believe attitude is everything, so together we tackle it with faith, hope, and love.

From 2016 through 2017 I was diagnosed with Stage I Ovarian Cancer. This involved a series of several inconclusive tests followed by surgery and 6 chemo treatments. Ultimately, I won my battle. Unfortunately, since 2018 my husband has been diagnosed with Metastatic Thyroid Cancer as well as Metastatic Colorectal Cancer.

My husband is my hero. He dragged me to the chemo appointments I balked at, saying he wasn’t going to lose me, and we had to do whatever it took. He was right. It saved my life. But due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, I cannot go with him to his appointments, which is extremely frustrating and disappointing.

In his Thyroid Cancer battle Vince has had two operations and subsequent Radioactive Iodine (RAI) Treatments. For his Colorectal Cancer, he’s had a week of Radiation and is currently in the midst of several ongoing chemotherapy treatments. I do what I can, which generally consists of being on the telephone arranging his medical appointments and advocating for him with his medical team.

We are thankful to have discovered the wonderful people at CCRAN – COLORECTAL CANCER RESOURCE & ACTION NETWORK, headed by Filomena Servidio-Italiano, President and CEO. This organization offers invaluable information and peer support. As well, during the pandemic, they offer monthly ZOOM video-meetings where the latest research is discussed by guest experts in the medical field. Impressively, CCRAN’s Medical & Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of several of the top Colorectal Cancer specialists across Canada.

Ms. Servidio-Italiano is an integral part of our team. Her suggestions are always invaluable. When asked, Filomena actively got involved with his medical team, who clearly hold her, and CCRAN, in high esteem.

Vinnie and I are determined to ride this out to the best conclusion with positive attitudes. During these difficult times (currently amidst a global pandemic) with family and friends, and especially CCRAN in our corner, we feel truly blessed. 

Joyce Singer-D’Aprile