Lucy DeLaat

“You have colorectal cancer…and it’s been there for a long time.” Five years ago, these words changed my life forever. For three years prior, I had been misdiagnosed only to find I had late stage disease. I began a treatment path wrought with medical errors, unnecessary suffering, and preventable delays that caused disease to progress. The clock was ticking, and I was in dire need of advocacy and competent care. Finally, a friend from an online support group recommended CCRAN.

I have endured a colon resection, multiple lung resections in addition to SBRT to my lungs. I nevertheless remain hopeful.

I am alive today because of CCRAN’s advocacy, empowerment and research in action. CCRAN opened a new path toward healing after years of dismissal for being a healthy woman under 50

Today, I receive timely scans, treatments and operations for the first time and have access to the latest research.  I have hope and a stable outlook towards cure because of CCRAN. It is an organization no one in Canada should be without in navigating a colorectal cancer diagnosis.  I am forever grateful.

Lucy DeLaat