Sandra Girard’s Journey to Self Awareness


Receiving a stage IV rectal cancer diagnosis with metastases to the liver was certainly not what I was expecting to hear or do in my next chapter. Six months prior I had made the decision to leave a job that just didn’t fit anymore. I had a 3 – 4 hour commute every day.  I came home one night and said I just can’t do it anymore. I listened to my intuition. Six months later I received my diagnosis, so it was very clear to me what the job ahead of me looked like and so began my healing journey. So many lessons learned along the way.

…. Our colon’s role is to release all that toxicity and let go!  Our liver holds our anger and resentment. I must say I feel much healthier and stronger than I did two years ago prior to my diagnosis.
Spending the time to “hire” the best medical team and the most amazing holistic healing team my journey then began. CCRAN became a part of that team earlier this year.  I did not know anything about the organization until I met someone in acupuncture who was involved. Filomena has been a true blessing. Her knowledge and expertise are so valuable, and I am so grateful for her support. I also started participating in the monthly zoom calls which I find so valuable, talking to those going through similar experiences. CCRAN – it’s one of those organizations that is a must for anyone going through a similar diagnosis.

When I left my day job years ago, I was asked what I would be doing next, and I confidently said “I don’t know what it looks like but I know how it feels and I know it will be about women and wellness.” And this I believe will be the next chapter for me.

With so much gratitude!

Sandra Girard